We gain trust by providing legal services of the highest quality, understanding our partners' business, innovation, and efficient and understandable communication with clients and their teams. By adopting new models of providing legal services and combining them with the support of tax and accounting specialists, we try to redefine the role that a law firm plays in the life of every company, regardless of its size.

Ambitious goals and a clear vision of SPG LEGAL Sawicki i Wspólnicy  guide our focus on continuous self-improvement and the search for and attracting talented and entrepreneurial lawyers and multidisciplinary specialists.

The blend of exceptional experts, comprehensive experience gained in cooperation with the greatest and the "client first" attitude puts us in a unique position to best solve the most demanding problems of our clients and allow them to achieve record results.



we develop and provide legal services based on new models that combine legal knowledge, advanced technology and management skills. Our goal is to provide our clients with better, faster, cheaper and transparent legal services

Clear communication

we communicate fast and clearly. We listen to our clients and use language that is easy to understand


we understand that time is a key factor, especially in business. We provide our services at the time and place that responds to the needs of our clients.

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