Advertising and marketing law

Advertising and marketing law

Advertising and marketing are inseparable elements of functioning of any business, both online and offline. Effective legal advice in this area requires knowledge of many areas of law, including intellectual property law, consumer rights, competition law and prohibited market practices, telecommunications law and GDPR, as well as industry regulations and codes of good practice.

We advise marketing departments, advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies, and influencer agencies

Thanks to our experience we offer the following services to marketing departments, advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies and influencer agencies: 


legal support in the design of advertising campaigns, including, among others, providing legal opinion on advertising materials and evaluation of advertising legality;


legal advice on advertising on the Internet (advertising alcohol on the Internet, advertising tobacco on the Internet, advertising pharmaceutical devices on the Internet);


creating and negotiating marketing services agreements with interactive agencies;


creating and negotiating agreements with influencers and influencer marketing agencies;


legal services for promotional campaigns, contests, premium sales, loyalty programs or cafeteria packages, including legal and tax analysis of the campaign, as well as creating and negotiating documents, including terms and conditions and policies;


tax advice in advertising and promotions (personal and corporate income tax and VAT).


representation in court proceedings and before public administration authorities in matters concerning advertising and marketing law.

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